Black Ops, Aliens, Spirits, Bigfoot and our untold History.

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ByDavid Dasilmaon January 31, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Lays it out and let's you judge for yourself. Definite recommendation from me. This tome clears up a lot. Success.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Easy read, fast paced and very interesting. Covers alot of ground and will stretch your current thoughts on many subjects

   but if like me, you have a hidden Mulder or Scully ...
By K S Palmer on 5 Nov. 2016

Format: Paperback
Wow for this book!!! I have always been interested in Aliens and X files type subjects, so this book for me is a must have and a must read!
Don't want to give too much away, but if like me, you have a hidden Mulder or Scully inside of you then this book is for you!

Format: Paperback
This is the first book of this kind I have read and it is an excellent introduction into the world of conspiracy theories.
There are numerous ideas in here that I would never have even thought about before. There are plenty of topics in here that I could sink my teeth into and debate with my friends and family.
I love how the ideas are interwoven together. For a novice writer, the author has done really well, and I would be eager for Ian Paterson to continue his research and present them in updated editions of this book.
Overall, it is a great book, if, for nothing else, to get you to start asking questions about the world around you.

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
I was a bit skeptical at first as there seems to be a lot the book talks about from the front cover and I didn't know if it could deliver on it's promise.
It did! I was really impressed with the fast pace which still allowed an in-depth look at each topic. There was heaps of new content which was fascinating and I was surprised at how much the author covers. I have learnt loads and now plan to read it again! An excellent and enjoyable read.

Once in a while a book comes along that captures the public's imagination, this book however is not fiction, it's a factual book that may change the way you view the world!

The book covers a huge range of topics in the paranormal genre and connects them together, showing us that Bigfoot has connections to Aliens and Spirits for example.

The book starts from the dawn of time and chronologically goes through Earths history and comes right up to date with secret space programs and treaties that have been signed without your knowledge!

There are many points in this book that don't seem to have been addressed anywhere else, this is why the book is ideal for beginners and veterans to these subjects.

You can listen to the author for 2 hours while he spoke about everything paranormal,  he was interviewed by Ryan Daniel Gable for the radio show 'The Secret Teachings'. Here is the link:

The author was also interviewed on Darkness Radio, you can listen to it here: 

and he was interviewed for the The Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett which was broadcast live on radio and video stream on the 18 Dec 2016, you can see the full interview here:




Chapters in the book

Ancient Earth

Ancient Moon and Mars

The Anunnaki

Ancient Egypt

Dinosaurs living with Man

Historic Bloodlines

Little Grey Men

Spirits and Souls

Black Operations

Secret Space Program

Crop formations

Other types of Aliens

Men in Black

Remote Viewing

Time Travel


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Cover design by Ian Paterson
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